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Plastic film wrap around product shipments are cleanly and rapidly cut with no damage to the contents.


Products shipments are often wrapped entirely in plastic foil for protection during transport. Upon receipt in warehouses and package handling facilities, the plastic film is usually removed by manual cutting with a knife. This has the risk of damaging the paper packaging or even the product itself and can be time-consuming, especially for larger packages where the transport pallet is included in the plastic foil packaging.

Laser cutting of plastic film on product shipments offers significant advantages over current methods. Thanks to the non-contact nature of laser-assisted cutting, neither the primary packaging nor the product itself is affected when Futonics lasers are used.

  • Cutting speed is greatly increased, increasing efficiency in package handling facilities.
  • Eliminates the risk of damaging goods during the unpacking process.
  • Frees up personnel for other tasks.

In a collaboration between Futonics Laser GmbH, LMS Development Concept and a German engineering company, an automated plastic foil removal machine is being developed both for food and non-food industries.




Images and videos were kindly provided by LMS Development Concept.