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Laser beams can be flexibly transported to any point via optical fibers. Efficient coupling and decoupling of light into the fiber is an elementary task. Correct collimation of the laser beam is necessary when decoupling.

To simplify the work as much as possible, Futonics offers various developed fiber collimators. By using infrared optical materials, we maximize beam quality and efficiency. The product design is compact, adjustable and easy to use and is suitable for various optical applications.
Futonics Connector is our self-made product. It has a special anti-reflective coating required for the 200 W laser to ensure high output power and reduce losses.

SpecificationsCF44.5CF64.3CF83.3SMA 10mmSMA 2mm QBH 10mm
Wavelength range1940 nm – 2050 nm 1940 nm – 2050 nm 1940 nm – 2050 nm 1940 nm – 2050 nm1940 nm – 2050 nm 1940 nm – 2050 nm
Effective focal length44,7 mm64,4 mm83,3 mm35,7 mm6,9 mm49,7 mm
Beam diameter
(1 /e²) *
13,0 mm19,0 mm16,4 mm10,0 mm 2,0 mm10,0 mm
ConnectorSMA/FutonicsSMA/FutonicsFutonics SMA SMA QBH
Suitable for lasers50W/200W 50W/200W 200W 200W50W200W
Housing Size117 mm x 30 mm117 mm x 30 mm117 mm x 30 mm60 mm x 39 mmtba68 mm x 43 mm
Weight112 g114 g114 g172 gtba90 g

* Theoretical beam properties before the collimator.