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Thulium Fiber Laser 200 W to 250 W

Versatile 2 µm Thulium Fiber Lasers
  • Up to 250 W output power in 6 RU housing
  • Custom wavelengths (FBG)
  • High beam quality
  • Low noise

The new Industrial Fiber Laser product line by Futonics is based on Thulium single-mode 2 µm fiber laser oscillators with wavelength stabilization by Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG). Due to high power, high beam quality and compact design, these new products are highly suitable for a broad range of applications.



Single mode output power up to 250 W, optional power stabilization
High beam quality in full power range
Fixed emission wavelength between 1930 nm – 2050 nm
Designed for 19″ rack mounting with application fiber length up to 10 meters


Output power: 200 W (IFL200), 250 W (IFL250)
Standard wavelengths: 2000 nm or 2050 nm
FWHM: < 1 nm
Beam quality: M< 1.2, single-mode
Operating mode: CW, modulated up to 1 kHz
Laser class: 4
Fiber connector, NA, length: QBH-connector, 0.10, 3 meters (up to 10 meters available)
Collimator: optional


Dimensions: 483 mm x 266 mm x 705 mm (19″, 6 RU excluding power supply)
Logic Power Supply: 24 V DC, 4 A (100 W)
Futonics Main Power Supply: AC 1 or 3 phase, 180 – 528 VAC, 48 – 62 Hz
Futonics Power Supply Dimensions: 483 mm x 88.1 mm x 455 mm (19″, 2 RU)
Power consumption: ≤ 1.5 kW
Standard interface: D-SUB 25, D-SUB 9
Display: capacitive 3.5″ touch-screen & control wheel
Cooling: water


Additional fiber length: 1 meter steps up to 10 meters total
Optional fibers: multi-mode
Fiber connector: Futonics standard
Fiber applicator II
: enhanced collimator with power detection for closed-loop control
Power stabilization: closed-loop control up to 10 kHz
Fixed custom wavelength: selection between 1930 nm and 2050 nm
Enhanced interface: Industrial Ethernet available upon request