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Food items such as fruit and vegetables can be safely etched with no effect on the quality of the product.


Current methods of marking fruits and vegetables include applying a sticker or wrapping the food item in plastic. With environmental concerns in mind, a new process called “natural branding” has started to emerge, whereby physical labels are being replaced by laser markings directly on the food item.

This emerging method reduces the consumption of paper, plasic materials and adhesives, resulting in a smaller environmental impact. The contact-free process has no impact on the quality or shelf-life of the food. Using Futonics 2 µm lasers, fruits and vegetables are safely labeled without affecting the pulp.

Laser labeling of food items can include quite a lot of information that is traditionally printed on stickers, including codes, logos, brands, and expiration dates.

  • Pulp and food quality is not affected: only the skin is marked
  • Eliminates the consumption of paper, plastic and adhesives
  • Contactless process is clean and hygienic: food items do not come in contact with adhesives, which contain non-edible chemical substances
  • Markings are easy to read
  • Faster than traditional labeling processing
  • Low energy consumption compared to conventional processes
  • Fruits with a skin, such as apples, oranges, and bananas
  • Vegetables with a skin, such as eggplant, potatoes, and squash
  • Cheeses with a rind
  • Meat and sausages