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Futonics Laser GmbH

Leading 2 µm fiber laser technology

Welcome to Futonics. We specialize in fiber laser manufacturing for a wide variety of industries. Our main operations are customized 2 µm single-mode fiber laser systems for scientific and technical applications, such as processing of transparent plastics.

We currently offer various Thulium fiber and crystal laser models with different output power levels up to 250 W, high damage threshold mid-IR optics, and machining heads.

The managing director of Futonics Laser GmbH has been manufacturing lasers and laser systems in Germany since 1989. Futonics is providing solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. Our founder, Dr. Peter Fuhrberg, was a co-founder of LISA laser products OHG in 1989. The company has accumulated extensive experience in the medical field using 2 µm solid-state lasers and is currently the world’s leading medical laser supplier. LISA laser products OHG was acquired in 2018 by medical group OminiGuide Holdings, Inc. At the same time, Dr. Peter Fuhrberg continued to lead his research and development team as Futonics Laser GmbH to develop and manufacture 2 µm fiber lasers for industrial applications. Our team currently includes physicists, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software engineers and technical experts with decades of experience in the laser industry.

On our site, you’ll find more information about our products, services, applications, publications, and collaborative opportunities.

Our products are sold and serviced worldwide. We hold quality, reliability and excellence in service at the core of Futonics.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.